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Resources to Celebrate Diversity

Talking about diversity with your children is an ongoing process. There are so many ways to introduce and celebrate diversity as a family, and it can be a learning process that you share together.

Below are some helpful resources that may help you explore diversity and multiculturalism:

Books & Resources:

Here is a running list of books & resources that promote positive discussions about diversity and race.

Activities to Do:

  • Visit cultural art exhibits and musems.
  • Watch movies with diverse topics.
  • Craft together with your children, choosing crafts that represent different cultures.
  • Taste new foods from many regions. Venture to try new restaurants and peruse online through food blogs or in cookbooks to find recipes to cook with your family or friends. Maybe plan a socially safe potluck outdoors where the guests bring dishes representing their favorite ethnic food.
  • Learn a new language or new phrases from other languages.
  • If you are able to find clothing or accessories of different cultures, try dramatic play.
  • Play music from around the world.
  • Read lots of books that include diverse cultures and people. 
  • Find kid-friendly experiences including festivals and exhibits.
  • Host or attend a multicultural night - guests can bring food, artifacts, symbols, clothing, instruments, flags, etc. representing different countries or cultures.

 Get involved and learn more about others, in addition to your own culture. Feed your curiosity and be open to learning new things. Have respect and tolerance of each other's similarities and differences alike.

To find even more resources to learn about race, visit EmbraceRace, an inspiring community created by 2 parents who gather and curate resources for young children, parents, grandparents, and early childhood educators to teach them about race, racial identity, and justice.

We are all a part of a beautiful world, filled with lots of people. Let us celebrate the uniqueness that we all bring.