"Colors of Us" Submission

Thank you for collaborating with us on the Colors of Us Coloring Book. We are grateful for your support to this cause and believe your skill and dedication to this project will inspire children to appreciate the diversity around us. 

Below are the project guidelines & instructions for final submission.

Illustration Components

-Black and white image (ideal for coloring in) 

-Designed to fit 8.5 x 11" paper size, portrait orientation 

-Family-friendly image

-Features a variety of people, preferably children and/or families

-(Optional) The design may include text (if you feel inclined to use relevant keywords from the quotes or words found at the bottom of this post or you want to add a caption, or directions etc.). 

-As you design, keep in mind that a variety of coloring tools may be used - crayons, colored pencils and markers 

How to Submit Your Project

-Due by Tuesday, 6/30 

1. Illustration + Short Bio (Please submit a PDF of your illustration along with a separate short bio to this shared Google Drive). See bio instructions below:

We want to showcase and highlight the beautiful work of the contributing illustrators. With that said, you may sign your name and/or add your logo to the bottom right corner of the page, and also submit a separate file with a brief bio of about 4-5 sentences about you, your work , and where people can find you if they want to reach out. 

2. File Name Convention: If you can please name your Illustration file "First Initial_ Last Name_Illustration" and bio "First Initial_Last Name_Bio"

The plan is to release the product (i.e. Digital Coloring Book + Crayola Multicultural Coloring Set) early July. 

We will keep you updated, but you may also follow us on Instagram @lilbalikbayan to also stay in the loop.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you!

Julie & Michele